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One of my earliest memories is sitting with my Grandma at her kitchen
table and making as many watercolor paintings as I could.  I remember
making these paintings with great care and with as much detail as
possible. I was painting landscapes and portraits before I was even
enrolled in pre-school.  I discovered my true passion in life at a very
young age.


I fell in love with creating art.  I would paint, draw, and take photographs as often as I could.  My father gave me his 35mm camera when I started high school.  From that moment on, I was hooked.  I took that camera with me everywhere I went.  I was very lucky to have an incredible art teacher during high school.  He inspired me to immerse myself in art and helped me to realize my dreams of becoming an artist. 


In 2003, I left my hometown in suburban Long Island to be a fine arts
major at School of Visual Arts. From the first moment I moved to New York City, I knew that it was where I belonged.  I loved being constantly surrounded by art.  I saw art in the buildings and in the people on the streets.  It was everywhere I looked.  Being at SVA were some of the best years of my young life.  By the time I graduated in 2007 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, I had met and made friends with so many other talented artists and experienced what the New York City art world was like.  I learned so much, and grew drastically as an artist.  I immediately began work on my Masters of Art in Teaching degree at School of Visual Arts, which I completed in 2008.


At the end of 2019, I decided it was time to say goodbye to the city that I lived in and loved for nearly two decades.  I had always said that if I ever had to leave Manhattan, it would be to live on a beach. So I traded in concrete and skyscrapers for sand and waves, and live happily on the beach with my husband and our son, just a train ride away from my first love - New York City. 


I am currently represented by Calendrillo Contemporary, and my paintings have been featured in gallery shows such as, Caught in the Moment (Solo Exhibition, 2019), Diminutives (2017)

Backstory (Solo Exhibition, 2016), and Behind The Narrative (2016),  I have been published in several books, including The Art Album by Dawud Knuckles (2013), and 20/20, an art catalogue curated by art critic, Jerry Saltz.  I am looking forward to continue sharing my art with as many people as I can and pursuing my passion in life. 

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